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10 Windows Update problem: MAGIX video Deluxe registration
After you upgrade to Windows, there are big problems with settings and programs on some systems 10 anniversary.
Video Magix Deluxe may return set the settings and the previous registration.
This means that the software when you first use a. MP4 videos or. MOV videos or output to a mp4 video asks after after online registration.
Unfortunately then looks up a normal re-online registration is missing.
It is necessary the application only in the Administrator rights open and update again.
Not only that the update almost 3 hours required, there are also some problems with programs that simply won't work after that.
Problem solving as a video
< iframe width = "853" height = "480" src = "" frameborder = "0" allowfullscreen > < / iframe >

How do you open a program or here video MAGIX Deluxe as an administrator?
It is on Windows-start - > then click the tile in the launch area with video MAGIX and then right mouse button
Under [program]-> multi > run as administrator you can then open the program with more rights



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