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Windows File Explorer: Paste the program into the context menu
How to add a program to the Windows file explorer in the context menu,
So that when the right mouse button is clicked on an order, an additional program appears to run

Here in the view:
If you click the folder with the right mouse button, the additional option is the test: Test and Test2

Subject: Windows 10, Windows 7, Server, File Explorer, Shell, Directories, Context Menu
In Windows 10 you enter in the search field: regedit and then select the indicated point: regedit with execute command

Then in Registry Editor open to the following path:
Computer-> HKEY_CLASSES_ROT-> Folder-> Shell

Under shell, insert a new key with New

In the text field at the folder icon, you then write the text pure, which should appear as title title as an addition in the Windows Explorer context menu

Then insert a new sub-key into the title line.

As a first subkey, add a title: command

Command string
Open the string under command by double-clicking on the string line
And then enters into the value the program, which is thereby to be opened
Value: notepad.exe
For programs which are supposed to accept a start parameter, you can append% 1 as the start argument
So value: notepad.exe% 1

In Windows Explorer
If you right-click on a folder (Folder) in the file explorer with the right mouse button, you will find in the context menu
The new point for running as a text line

Execute context
Clicking on the new menu item executes the command, which we inserted into the registry as a string.
The application: notepad.exe was started by the context menu

as a video tutorial
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Windows File Explorer: Add a program into the context menu


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