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Expand File Explorer: Add a program with Icon
How to set up an additional program with icon for execution in the file explorer?
This article shows how to add an icon to a added program in the context menu of the file explorer.
The icon is created by the additional text entry with the name: Icon.
The icon for an attached program with a folder element is shown here.

The icon for the context menu is reached by adding an additional text entry with the name: Icon to the key
The value to be executed is entered under Value, and 0 is displayed as a parameter indicating that the icon of position 0 is to be displayed
The icon of position 0 is the application icon itself.
Name: Icon
Value: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ CodeDocu \ GroupImages by Date \ Group_Images_By_Date.exe, 0

As described below, you have to go to the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Folder \ Shell for the actual menu extension
Create a new key with the title of the key at the same time as the menu text.
In a further sub-key command, the program is then entered as the value which is to be started
The key remains: command

Creating a context menu for Folder is described in:
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Expand File Explorer: Add a program with Icon
Windows File Explorer: Add a program into the context menu


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