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React in Image src='path'



React uses the output of als text


<img src="{article.imagePath}" alt="{article.title}"


Generated in HTML output in the browser


<img src="{article.imagePath}" alt="Kontakt Adresse Email Telefon" class="list_img">



Solution in React

You don't have to insert an e commas inReact, just the React bracket. Expression because the commas are automatically inserted by the compiler



<img src={article.imagePath} alt={article.title} class="list_img" />



Solution: React.js Code

    //========< Fill HTML >======

    static renderTable(articles) {

        return (

            <div id="divMain_List" class="list_Div_Main" >

                { =>

                    <div class="list_Div_Row">


                        <a href="{article.title}" title="" class="list_href">

                            <div class="list_folder">{article.folder}</div>

                            <div class="list_title">{article.title}</div>

                            <div class="list_div_img">

                                <img src={article.imagePath} alt={article.title} class="list_img" />


                            <div class="list_div_text">










    //========</ Fill HTML >======



Correct after React Change




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