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First install my software with InstallForge, ScreenShots of first Setup
Setup Standard screens and settings when setting up your own installer
This entry shows the input dialog when installing an installation by InstallForge,
Stand: 2016-09
Applies to: Installer, Setup, Publish

General-> General
Program information
Program name:
Program version:
Company name:
Web site:
Supported Operation Systems: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Option: Do not check OS version

General-> Graphics
Wizard image, header image, language dialog image, option: show label

General-> Language
Select the languages ​​to be supported by your installation package
(German English)
Import, delete-> More languages

Setup-> Files
Dialog for selecting the files

Setup-> Files (after inserting)
UseZIP file:
Defaul Installation Path:
<Programfiles> \ <company> \ <appname> \
Option: Allow user to change installation path

Setup-> Visual Update Express
Include Visual Update Express
Product name: <appname>
Main update address: http: //
1. Alternative update address: http: //
2. Alternative update address: htpp: //
Current product version: <appversion>
Language: English (Selection)
Program file:
Option: Run program, Terminate Process
Update filename: Update
Link to Visual Update Express:

-> LinkInfo: Visual Update Express:

Setup-> Uninstaller
Option: Include Uninstaller (Uninstall)
Option: Visit website after Uninstall:

Setup-> Variables
Table with variable name, root key, sub key, value name, default value

Setup-> Commands
Table with Type, Program, Parameters, Options

Dialogs-> Splash Screen
Option: Show Splash Screen dialog
Play sound
Time (seconds)

Dialogs-> License
Option: Show License Agreement dialog
Text field for license

Dialog-> serial check
Option: Show Serial-Check dialog
List emit Serial Strings
Create Serials: Number 20, Mask

Dialogs-> Finish
Run program: <installpath> \ Arguments
Reboot computer
Load DLL
Environment Variables

System-> Registry
Tabular emit Root key, Sub key, Value name, Value Data

System-> Shortcuts
Table: Destination, Shortcut name, Target file, Command line arguments
Default path for start menu shortcuts: <company <\ appname> \
Option: Allow user to change the start menu shortcut path
Option: create start menu shortcuts for all users
Option: Create desktop shortcuts for all users

Setup file:
Compession: deflate
Build information


Setup Dialogs of InstallForge
Installer Software 2017


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