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InstallForge Problem: Enter default value blank
Problem: In the InstallForge program you can not create a default = empty entry when creating registry entries.
You must open the InstallForge_Setup.ifp file with the text editor or notepad and replace it with the empty / remove command in the line below command.
Then save it, reload it in InstallForge and run the build.

The value can still be displayed under InstallForge, but you can not enter a change with the value: Empty.

Check Registry:
As a result, the system enters only one line in the registry, which is displayed under (Default) or (Default).

Check Output:
Running the values that need a blank entry will then work in practice
Installforge: command and argument in comma
InstallForge: Example of Settings and Dialogs to Install a complete Program
InstallForge Problem: Enter default value blank


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