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Word Addin: Automatic translation in Google Translate
Subject: Translation of Word documents into English
This entry contains a Word add-in, which can be used to translate texts under Google Translate.
This Word addin can be loaded into Word and then appears in the Ribbonbar as its own Ribbonbar area.
When you click on the translate button in the bar, the word text is transferred to a browser window, then translated into Google Translate and then imported into Word again.
The formatting and images and links are retained.
The current language is from German to English and serves to translate German texts into English.
In the appendix, the Word Addin is available for download and for developers the code in C # is freely available.

The program contains the following classes and variables

private string _sSplitSeq = "\n|| ";
private List<WordHyperlink> _arrWordLinks;
private class WordHyperlink
frmTranslate _frmTranslate;

And the methods

private async void do_translate_all()
private async Task<string> do_Translate_Browser(string sText)
//->Übersetzt den Text im Browser bei Google Translate
private void get_Hyperlinks()
//->sammelt Hyperlink Informationen

private string get_Sentences()
//->sammelt Original-Text Informationen

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