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In order to be able to read the database in Firebase for easy access during the development phase, you must set the rules .read  to  true


Access is for development purposes only !

Settings in Firebase to make it easy to read the data in Angular




  "rules": {

    ".read": true,

    ".write": false





With authentication

It works even if you enable authentication,  Provider:  Anonymus



Example of tasks as a real-time database



In the path:


The data as a structure see above




1: "Enter order"

2: "Fill order"

3: "Send order"

4: "Confirm order"




In Angular you can pick up the data as here:


public aufgabenObservable<any>[];



//--< Daten von Firebase holen >--

  constructor(afDb:AngularFireDatabase) {


    const itemsRefAngularFireList<any> = afDb.list('Aufgaben');


      x=>this.aufgaben =  x;}



  //--</ Daten von Firebase holen >--




Status: AngularFire Version 5 Firebase Version 7







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