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Step 1: Azure DevOps
First create a new project in Azure Devops and then select a repos
A: Start empty project:
To do this, open Azure Devops
then open a project and click on the repository (file management)

then click on the button: Clone in VS Code

Then a dialog is displayed in the browser:
Visual Studio Code?
Click here on the button: "Open Visual Studio Code"

then visual studio code (VS code) opens on the desktop and you can create a new folder to sync the project

Then you will find a folder in VS Code, which is the same as the Azure DevOps repository.

If you now copy new files to this directory, or create and edit new files, they will appear under the changes

Sychronize changes
To upload changes, click on the Synchronistationsicon and type a comment onthe changes made in the top row

The changes are uploaded (and synchronized) when you click on the  syncicon below

you have to install Git first
Note from VS Code and Azure DevOps

First install Git

Simply set the default in the installation dialogs:
  • Git from comman d line and also from 3rd party software
  • Choosing HTTPS transport : ->Use the openSSL library
  • Checkout Windows-style commit unix-style line endings
  • Enable file system caching

Create a Console App with Timer
Synchronize Azure DevOps with local code directory
Edit data in SQL query, on SQL Server Management Studio SSMS
SQL Server: Copying a table
SQL Server: Saving changes is not allowed.
SQL Server: Cancel Single User Mode
SQL Server: Datenbank kopieren mit Zwischenspeicher Teil 2 von 2
SQL Server: Datenbank kopieren mit Zwischenspeicher Teil 1 von 2
SQL Server: Datenbank Daten exportieren, Datenbank kopieren
Installation der SQLExpress Server Instanz


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