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Create a web app (an App Service app)

Azure Portal control areas


Then you create a resource with ->resource create


Then enter the web app in the search field and select the web app



Web app

With App Service web apps, you can quickly create, deploy, and scale enterprise-class web, mobile, and API apps for any platform

I am interested here:

App Service supports:

1.                Applications written in .NET Core and ASP.NET

2.                Running your apps on Windows

App Service provides:

1.                Integrated tool support for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio

2.                CI/CD integration with GitHub, Azure Pipelines, Azure Container Registry, and others

3.                Comprehensive diagnostics, monitoring, and notification features with Application Insights and Azure Monitor



Then usually the "learning" part ends

You are currently signed in to the Microsoft Learn Sandbox directory, which does not include subscriptions. You can either switch to a different directory or sign up for a new subscription.

No subscriptions in the Microsoft Learn Sandbox directory. Go to a different directory.


Then you may only get on if you have entered a paid subscription, or in other words: if you have entered the credit card.


Only continue with registration and credit card

You then have to register with a credit card. (typically Microsoft and auditioning "Tutorial") rip-off


Create a web app



Create a web app


!! Please pay attention to the COSTS here... Microsoft is booking hard

In the subscription : you have to set an account that pays. Either the company account or a private account with Mastercard (caution cost trap)

Under Resource Group:


Operating System: Windows


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Click Change SIZE HERE and select a free or cheap option.
Microsoft hits the standard at 56 euros per month



Settings bie SKU and size:

Specification selection-> switch to  Dev/Test

IMPORTANT: On Dev/Test Switch for Development Environments



Shared infrastructure

1 GB of memory

60 minutes/day for computer resources





Shared infrastructure

1 GB of memory

240 minutes/day for computer resources

8.00 EUR/month (estimated)





Deployment (Preview)

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is an automation framework in which your app can be created, tested, and deployed when a new commit is performed in your repository. If your code is in GitHub, select your repository here. We'll then add a workflow file to automatically deploy your app to App Service.

If your code is not included in GitHub, go to the Deployment Center after you create the web app.

CD Continuous Deployment


When activating CD you have to set the access to GitHub


Azure App Monitoring, Insights

 Azure Monitor Application Insights is an Application Performance Management (APM) service for developers and DevOps professionals. Select this option to automatically monitor your application. the functionality detects performance anomalies and includes powerful analysis tools that can help you diagnose problems and learn how users use your app


in the day

Tags are name/value pairs that allow you to categorize resources and view consolidated billing by applying the same tag to multiple resources and resource groups.

Note: If you create tags and then change the resource settings on other tabs, your tags are automatically updated.




Summary Web app


Web app

by Microsoft

SKU "Free"

Estimated Price - Loading...


Subscription Resource Group

Codedocu Name

Codedocu Publish

Code Runtime Stack

.NET 5 Tags

CodeDocu: WebApp

App Service Plan (new)

Name ASP-codedocu-a8f6

Operating System Windows

West Europe Region

SKU Free

ACU Shared Infrastructure

Memory 1 GB of memory

Tags CodeDocu: WebApp

Monitoring (new)

Application Insights Enabled

Name codedocu

West Europe Region

Tags CodeDocu: WebApp

Deployment (Preview)

Continuous Deployment

Not activated/set up after app creation








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