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React and HTML Javascript Output of a number



German numbers are calculated incorrectly in javascript / html.



If you read in javascript or react you eat numbers as a string into a react number of the type number, then usually the . Point and , comma incorrectly taken.


That's why I wrote the small conversion function

convert_german_to_number(string) number


When reading a German number as a string


let sumPunkteGesamtnumber  =this.convert_german_to_number(row[sFeld_Punkte_Gesamt + ".SUM"]);




   private  convert_german_to_number(sValue:string) : number   {

    //*convert german 3.015,67



    return  parseFloat(sValue);   



  private  convert_english_to_german(sValue:string) : string   {

    //*convert english 3015.67 to german 3015,67



    return  sValue;   





Issue English in German

When output, my java.number can be converted to German decimal numbers / fixed-point numbers with 2 digits by first converting


and then



Example output in Sharepoint/react (with java)


${ sumPunkteGesamt.toFixed(2).replace(".",",")}










Log script..... previously, all expenses went wrong


Incorrect expenses previously

The number is 3013


${ (sumPunkteGesamt}






 ${new Intl.NumberFormat('de-DE',{maximumFractionDigits:2}).format(sumPunkteGesamt}













3,013  ist falsch. Hier ist nur der Punkt vertauscht






Ausgabe 3.103

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