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SharePoint: Enable Javascript
the following commands  allow you to enable embedding client scripts for web parts in SharePoint for a specific site
As a result, the client scripts used under JS-Link are active on WebParts

Connect-SPOService -url
Set-SPOSite -Identity -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0

Activating the client script

SharePoint -> WebPart->JS-Link
The scripts  are active in the settings of SharePoint Web Parts

Windows PowerShell Editor ISE
The Windows PowerShell Editor ISE is started by entering ISE  in the  Windows >Search  (Cortana)
Program PowerShell Editor ISE:
C:'Users'''RPopp''S'AppData'Roaming'' Microsoft'Windows'Start Menu'' 'Windows PowerShell'

The advantage of the Windows PowerShell ISE is that IntelliSense is displayed via all built-in commands.
This makes it easier to connect to SharePoint



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