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If in DevOps of deployment has been switched to automatic deployment, then any programming in Visual Studio code is automatically distributed after synchronization.
That is, you write a change to a WebPart in Visual Studio Code, enter the title of the change in the synchronization changes, confirm with Ctrl-Enter, Synchronize, and then the applications are updated on the server.
Once a WebPart with synchronization to DevOps is uploaded, it is inserted into the SharePoint site, so deployed.

DevOps->Pipelines  shows the current build of the WebPart

Under DevOps->Pipelines->Releases
See how the distribution or publishing of the WebPart is going through. Each new version will automatically appear under a new release number

On Azure DevOps->Pipelines->Release
Then you can see the actuelle stage in which the current release is located. During distribution, the distribution is located in  Stages->Production->In Progress
And then switches to Production->Succeeded

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