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For Microsoft Office applications, charts or graphs on Office 365 may appear too small or blurred if screen scaling is set too large.
For example, the monitor has been changed from 100% to 125% or 150% under Resolution, then Microsoft Graphics and Charts often appear too small.
Microsoft MSGraph.Chart.8 Control
You can customize the corresponding application app in Windows in compatibility
For Windows 10 Office365 with 64bit version, switch to
C:'Program Files'' Microsoft Office'root'Office16
There you click on the Microsoft Office application with the right mouse button
Msaccess. EXE->Handling Compatibility Issues

Then in the dialog: Troubleshooting program compatibility
Select Troubleshooting

  • è Treat on program problems

use this option  to select compatibility settings based on the problem that is detected

Then at Which problems you noticed
->The program opens but does not display correctly

What display problems do you notice?
-> Program is not displayed correctlywith the inclusionsforlarge scales

Then test for compatibility settings for the program
Test program
->this opens the program once and for example the chart or chart is displayed correctly

Now the Office application should be displayed correctly or other programs.
->Yes, save this setting for this program



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