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Log: System Restore: WindowsApps DesktopAppConverter generates error 0x80070780
When trying to repair the Windows Store and the Windows Apps I tried to restore the system restore to a previous restore point 2 days ago.
Unfortunately, the recovery is caused by the error that the DesktopAppConverter generates an error.
And I have the error that the Windows Store and all Windows apps are no longer starting to install exactly the moment I followed through Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition's instruction to install the Microsoft DAC DesktopAppConverter.

The file
C: \ Users \ user \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Apps \ DesktopAppConverter.exe
Could not be replaced by the original copy from the restoration point during system restoration.
Unrecognized System Restore Error (0x80070780)
The attempt to uninstall the app is displayed and running, but the directories are preserved directly under C:.
And the recovery point is still terminated with the above error 80070780.

Where is the App DesktopAppConverter
Here directly under C: \
And that also causes the problem



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