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If Windows 10 Store and Apps really do not start and all the help has failed, then you can perform a Windows 10 Repair installation.

This deletes and reinstalls all Windows 10 Apps (Store and UWP) and also deletes applications such as Office, Word, Visual Studio.

After that, you have to restart the programs, but it is important that all data is retained.



All data, files and directories are retained



The Windows apps such as Windows Store and Programs must be reinstalled.



Installation instructions as video


Repair Windows Store and Windows UWP Apps when it can no longer be opened.

Advantage: All data, files and directories are retained

Disadvantage: Windows applications such as Windows Store and programs must be reinstalled.




Windows 10 Service Manual

Repair Windows Store and Windows UWP Apps when it can no longer be opened.

By downloading the ISO data, installation files to a USB stick, then reboot and installation




[Lnk "" /]



Screen documentaion.

Using the link above you have to start the download: Download tool now


Then comes user account tax:

Allow access here.

Then the preparation starts


And the legal and licensing terms


How would you like to proceed?

Here from

Now upgrade for this PC

Switch to:

Install installation media (USB memory stick, DVD or ISO file) for another PC


After that, the language, edition, and architecture should appear automatically


Select the medium to use

Now select USB memory

And not

ISO file


Use a USB memory stick with at least 4 GB.


After that, Windows 10 is downloaded to the memory stick


Afterwards, there are some files on the memory stick, including a bootmgr file


When the USB memory stick is ready, you can start Setup.exe



Repair Kit

At startup, the permissions for changes to the device for Windows must be confirmed with Yes


View important updates

Here with Yes ... Download and install updates (recommended)



Things are being prepared ... well


Legal and licensing terms


Get updates


Make sure there is enough space on your PC.

(The installation is already running ... as if one could still make something)




Switch from

Keep personal files and apps


Keep only personal files


Then keep only personal files.

After all, the apps should be intentionally removed and reinstalled.


Then Windows 10 is installed.

It may take 10 minutes


Is then restarted 2-3 times during the installation.




Windows is installed


99% Windows is installed

Do not turn off your PC. This takes a moment.


Then start the Windows 10 PC via the login screen


We have some updates for their PC


Almost finished. This can take a few minutes.




Only the screen resolution has been reset to vga with 640x480


Then I had to adjust my screen resolution again.

Nvidia as a graphical driver card has set it after 5 minutes.


And now? Store apps and UWP apps like UWP photos and videos go back



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