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Datei 1: Win10 Shell32

Win10 Shell32 icon links
Always newer icon icons created by the files Shell32.dll and Imageres.dll in the system folder under Windows 10.
If you want to write an app or incorporate the icons for your own presentations möche, then you can with simple link-links to these files quite show the symbols and use per snapshot.
I collected the links to the Act Ellen Windows Shell32.dll in a directory for own purposes and provided in the download.
Directory of Win10 Shell32 icons shortcuts (links) to all icons in the download is located in the current Windows Shell32.dll

 I have extracted the icons, but created only links to the Shell32. This can display the system icons in the file Explorer directly in various sizes and, if necessary, make a snapshot.

I created manually shows the links as shown here.
Under the link file properties

Then you can on the item shortcut > click another icon, if one is located on the local system and not in a shared folder

And then you can refer to a corresponding internal icon icon

This will appear in the file Explorer
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Windows 10 System Icons from Shell32 as File links
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