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Earn money on the internet with Amazon
If you want to make money on the Internet as a blogger or with your website, you will soon realize that with Google Adsense can only achieve a small amount.
My site with 10.000 pages per day reaches just 90 Euro per month with Google Adsense.
A great alternative or addition here can be the advertising with Amazon products.
In the case of targeted websites, the multiple income could be achieved well. However, it depends on which products and how to embed them as advertising on their own website.
Specific websites where you are dealing with products that you just write successfully are purposeful.
Is there a partnership with Amazon? It just depends on it and a test can not really hurt.
I have therefore logged times to Amazon in the partner network and will embed the advertisements and give the results a list in the coming months.
Log in to Amazon PartnerNet
Amazon Partneret

How do visitors find their way to your website?
SEM Display Advertising / Banner
SEO Email
Social Communities
Blogs Shopping Portals
Forum Lead generation
Offline bonus programs / reimbursement

* What is the main source of your website?
(Add more sources)
* How do you create your websites?
* How many Unique Visitor has your website per month?
* What is the main reason why you join the Amazon Partner Program?
* How did you hear about the Affiliate Program?

For advertisements on websites outside of Germany you have to create separate registrations for each country.
The countries, Spain Afiliados de, France and Italy are available.
Each Amazon EU Affiliate Program has its own website. The administration of the individual country-specific partner accounts can only be carried out via the password-protected area of โ€‹โ€‹the respective country-specific website.

After that it continues with the Amazon partner website
Amazon PartnerNet

Menu-> Reports
How much money has you earned per month?
There is a compilation on the partner website under Reports.


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