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After providing the FTP service, you can install the function in the Internet Information Server IIS by going to Webserver-> Sites and then right-clicking

Add FTP Site Selects


Step 1: Set up user

Before you can start, you have to create a new ftp user.

To do this, go to Computer Management-> Local Users and Groups -> Users

And create at user-> new user


Then define a username as ftpUser and specify a password

And Password will never turn off



Step 2: Set up FTP on IIS

Then start the IIS Internet Information Services here IISVersion 10 from Microsoft

You select a server computer

And in the right mouse context menu you can add an FTP site


Then enter an FTP site name as the internal name for the ID

The physical path is set there, which files are to be reached via ftp.

This is usually a subdirectory of a webpage.


As authentication one gives standard and the user to which one defined before


Simple solution of the address

Easy access via the IP

Then set the bindings IP address, leave the port 21 and the host name blank

In this determination, you will come to the defined path directly when entering the IP URL later.


Root FTP

This setting can be selected if you want to create a root FTP access for the entire server.



Set up access for the user.


In order for the user to be able to read the files externally, you must also enter the user's permissions in the Windows directories.


Ftp Site-> Edit Permissions

Then on the tab: Security


Add allows you to share the new user with additional access rulers


Enter the user in the large field and check or accept directly with OK


The new user is then usually given only the read rights and folder contents display rights.



Access from external:


External access can be tested directly in a browser by entering the server IP with a ftp: //.


Then the authentication should come, which one has defined.


Then the files should be visible directly



Problem fixing.

Extension if there will be no access, you have to set in the ftp site still in Basic Settings-> the Connect as.


Under the ftp site-> right basic settings


Then when connecting as:

Enter the specific user and then the user with the default password





Setting up FTP: Enter ftp authorization for user
Set up FTP on the IIS server with rootfolder
Add FTP Service on Windows Server


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