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Add ftp to server website


If you need a ftp access for a website, then you have to set up this service on the windows server first.

To do this, go to the server manager application and opens under Menu-> Manage

Add the roles and features


Then role-based or feature-based installation


Select the current web server


And add FTP


Features: just confirm with


Confirm installation selection.

It is best to restart the server manually if necessary


And finally let the installation run



Then you can set up on the IIS additionally in the context menu of the selected server with FTP site and FTP application Ftp access


Set up FTP on the IIS server

After providing the FTP service, you can install the function in the Internet Information Server IIS by going to Webserver-> Sites and then right-clicking

Add FTP Site Selects


Setting up FTP: Enter ftp authorization for user
Set up FTP on the IIS server with rootfolder
Add FTP Service on Windows Server


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