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Outlook Mailenable: -ERR Your IP Address is denied access


When an Outlook client or other program accesses a MailEnable email server, the error message may be:

ERR Your IP address is denied access




You have to activate your own IP address for the email server.


Determine IP address

Then you have to look for the IP address, with which one is in the Internet vrbunden.

Here I use the AVM Fritzbox Fritz! Box Fon WLAN 3790th

This indicates the connection of IP Telekom IP address at Internet


Web server: open mailenable

In the Web server you open Mailenable in the Managment Console

Then go to MailEnable Management-> Servers-> Localhost-> Services and Connectors-> Pop-> Context menu



In the dialog: Properties of POP

General-> Access Control


And then enter the IP of the Telekom Internet provider



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