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Mailserver, MailEnable: What is a service or a connector
Terms explained:
What is the Mailserver software: Mailenable as a connector and services?
Connectors are the pure service in the background. So the handlers who accept the emails from other servers or send emails to other email servers.
These services are constantly working in the background.
Services are processes that become active as soon as a frontend wants to retrieve data and emails from the server. These include Microsoft Outlook as an email client on the desktop to the most common front-ends. is also one of the programs, which through various settings reads the emails for reading under the IMAP or POP settings.
As direct point is in Mailenable also Webmail exist, if one under the domain with the emails reads.
Task / Solution:
So if the emails are read and sent in the background, but you do not get access via Outlook, you have to check the settings under IMAP and POP.


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