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Where do you put Mailenable, which IP addresses are allowed to send emails?


Under the mail server: Mailenable you can set which IP address circle can send emails.

This prevents anyone from sending e-mails via open relays.



To do this, open under the web server

Mailenable Management Console

Then on Servers-> localhost-> Services-> POP

Under Access Control you can then lock all, with Denied access

And only share those in the box: Except those lists below


You can release complete address ranges like 212. *. *. * or others.

Applies to shipping via POP



This means that only certain IP addresses can send.


Here is a flow chart:

A home office uses Microsoft Outlook to query the emails under the hoster.

The same is true for sending, provided the settings via pop. Go.

A setting via smpt with ssl is recommended so that the email password access combination during the request is not read out by the telecom service provider or third parties.



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