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If you have to set emails on a web server -> mail server, you can also set so-called aliases for your own email account.


What are email aliases?

As email aliases one understands equivalent email addresses, under which one can address an address.

As a result, you can specify several e-mail addresses to the outside, such as Info @ or Firstname @ or Firstname.Nachname @ and all e-mails land in the same place and only have to be picked up once.

An email alias is therefore an equivalent email specification.


Note central email account:

Just to pick up the emails from the mail server and to send the emails you need the central email. Most mail servers only look for the registered address in the central tasks.




Here's Mailenable 10 on Windows Server 2016

Mailenable is a free email server with a powerful feature set for small to medium web portals or businesses.


Instructions for creating email aliases:

Under Mailable Management

Then Messaging Manager -> Post Offices -> Select Domain

Open a mailbox account under Mailboxes


Now you can specify several equivalent email addresses for this email account.

All addresses work the same and are therefore identical. So you can send or receive an email at A@Reddy.Net or or C@Readdy.Net.


Why do you need email aliases?

As a result, you can define to the outside, for example, that you should contact the head office, or Info or Contact, and then only an email account at the client must be queried.


Setup a mailbox postoffice

Specify domain

To work with aliases, you have to specify the domain.

Aliases are only traded within a domain. So you can use Postmaster@Readdy.Net equivalent to info@Readdy.Net or Raimund.Popp@Readdy.Net.

Thus, all aliases are equivalent email accounts.


It is important that you also specify the domain when creating a domain.

Otherwise, no emails arrive and no emails are sent



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