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Mailenable: Email Server Attacks
Status: not solved
This SMTP activity log file shows the attempted attacks on a mailenable mail server within a short period of minutes.
As you can see, the mail server is massively attacked by login attempts via different names plus the different domain extensions.
The problem is that I actually want to allow access only from certain IP addresses.
But in the standard mail servers, this is not so easy.
Log-File: Login Attacks
Mail attacks as a login on a mail server

Not possible: SMTP Inbound IP
The attempt to set the possible IP addresses in SMTP Inbound unfortunately leads to not only the logins being restricted, but also the e-mail input is limited to the IP address range.
Mailenable (Mailserver) ->SMTP->Properties->Inbound->Access Control->Denied ->Except those listed below

POP IPAddress Restriction
Unfortunately, the restriction via POP->IP Address Connection Restrictions only restricts the collection with an email client such as Outlook.
The direct login attacks are still preserved.

Relay Privileged IPs
If you try to narrow down the IP address circuits via the SMTP->Relay settings, then you unfortunately open the possibility that anyone from this IP address range can send an email.
The settings in Allow Mail Relay are linked to OR.

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