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MailEnable: Access denied
Error message: ERR Your IP Address is denied access
Problem: When updating emails with Microsoft Outlook comes the message
Error (0x800CCC0F) when executing the task Messages are received:
The server connection was interrupted. If the problem persists, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider.
Server response: -ERR Your IP address is denied access
Applies to: Outlook Desktop Mails under MailEnable ERR IP Access Denied, Mailserver Mailenable

The solution of the problem:
One must allow the access of the client address under the SMTP or POP settings of the e-mail server.
Important: in the settings the Access Granted or Denied must be either empty or set correctly (invers: list with Except Entries)
Path to the settings:

MailEnableAdmin-> MailEnable Management-> Servers-> Services and Connectors-> POP  -> [Properties] -> General -> Access Control ...


MailEnableAdmin-> MailEnable Management-> Servers-> Services and Connectors-> SMTP  -> [Properties] -> Inbound -> [IP AddressConnection Restrictions] -> Access Control ...


Mailenable: Access Control Settings:
Meaning of the setting:
This is about the email clients, which are used as clients to collect or send emails. So Outlook or or the default email client on Windows or Android Tablet.
By default all comuters will be:
Granted Access
Except the listed entries below

If you want to limit the client IP range to computers from one or more networks, you have to set By Default to Denied Access and then enable the correct address ranges.
In the network of Telekom usually has an address circle of 214. *. *. * - 217. *. *. *
Microsoft accesses under the address range 40. *. *. * To the server.




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