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Mailserver: free spam protection
If you use MailEnable as Mailserver on a small webserver under Windows Server, the standard version of Mailenable is without spam protection.
If you want to set up a free spam protection, you can install the mxScanLite software on the server under mxUpTime.
The free Lite version does not have a profound spam and virus protection, but nevertheless one can block under the Blacklist entries whole address ranges and also only certain countries allow.
So it is already a great help if you can block the * .ua and * .us and * .ru domain or just allow European and com domain as domains.
Subject: MailEnable Mailserver Blacklist, Spamfilter
MxScan Lite for MailEnable

Installation on Windows Server with MailEnable
Use the Freeware Lite Edition
The free version of mxscan can be started with reduced properties like: Blacklist and Whitelists, Content Filter and Country Filters.

MxScan -> Antispam & Content Filtering-> Whitelist and Blacklist
Whitelist, Recipient Whitelist, Country Whitelist and IP Whitelist
Blacklist, Blacklist, Country Blacklist and IP Blacklist

Station Blacklist
Under Transmitter Blacklist you can lock entire domain areas as wildcard entries.
Zum Beispiel *.@*ua oder *@mail*deals.*
This can disable some spam emitters that do not respond to unsubscribe.

Country Blacklist
The option is blacklist all addresses, except the list below.
This eliminates all spammers who send penetrating advertising around the world, especially in small networks and home offices.
It is important that you mark the countries through which you usually receive emails.

IP Whitelist
Under "Whitelist only the list below" you can ensure your own address ranges.
This means: Companies and friends with whom you have constant contact, you can register here with wildcard filters

A very important filter, which you can extend yourself
What annoys me most of all, if you do not have this content filter, is that you are constantly advertising about Viagra and health insurance from * .ua come.

MxScan-> AntiSpam & Content Filtering -> Content Filters
Content, body, body, subject, body, body, body, subject,

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Mailserver: free spam protection
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