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Email: IP is Blacklisted fix
Problem: Fix entries in DNS Blacklists
My emailserver was hacked yesterday and the attack had sent over an hour spam emails from this computer.
After solving the vulnerability, however, the problem now arises that the IP of the web server has been entered into so-called DNS blackhole lists,
Which means that the computer has now been classified as a spam computer.
This can now be sent to some other email addresses no more emails, since otherwise as here at the example with GMX an error message comes back.
Subject: MailEnable, Spam, Blacklist
How can I get rid of the lists?
Here first the error messages:
When sending emails to GMX, the following error message occurs:

MailEnable: Message Delivery Failure.
Reason: ME-E0193: [xxxx.MAI] Message Delivery Failure.
Your message addressed to the target domain ( could not be delivered because the mail server responsible for this domain returned a permanent error.
The server returned: (mxgmx104) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available
554-No SMTP service
554-IP address is black listed.
554 For explanation visit

Email Snapshot: Message Delivery Failure

Note under GMX:

IP address is black listed
To reduce spam email reception, we use popular DNSBL-lists (DNS based Blackhole List).
These lists contain dynamic IP addresses and IP addresses currently known to be spam senders.
Please contact your system administrator and/or email provider who should check if the IP address they use is on one of these RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) and who should then take the necessary steps to have the IP removed.
In addition to this, we manage our own Black lists based on various criteria.
If required, you or your administrator can contact us.

And in addition there is the information:

A DNS based blackhole list is a real-time blacklist which contains IP addresses as well as faulty internet addresses. While processing emails, the information can be used in order to identify undesired messages and for example mark them as spam.
An RBL list collects IP addresses. The list can be used to decide before establishing a connection if specific email senders are allowed to deliver to the receiving system, and to evaluate the spam probability with which emails are tagged. There are various types of lists of this kind. Some include IP addresses from which the owner is not prepared to receive and to which they are not prepared to send emails. Other lists include IP addresses which are known to be responsible for sending spam mail.

Under GMX then the link is available, with which one should be able to be let out

Examination Blacklist entry:
How can you check whether the e-mailserver is registered as an IP in Blacklist
Under the website> SuperTool.aspx you can make a check
The usual Blacklists are listed here:

In my example are the blacklist servers
Protected Sky
Spamhaus ZEN
How to delete own Server from Hotmail or Live?
Mailserver: free spam protection
Check for entry under Spamhaus
Emailserver: How to fix: IP is Blacklisted
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