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Delete printer, delete print jobs
Individual print jobs:
A single printer and the corresponding print jobs can be found under
All system control elements \ Printers

Current print jobs:
Print jobs that are in the queue are located in the output folder of the printers.
Enter the path: \ spool \ Printers
C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS

Stop current printer:
The individual printer can be found under the menu:
Printer-> select printer-> right mouse button-> Pause printer

Stop the printer spooler
Applies to the entire printer pooler, which is active in Windows in the background.
Open Windows PowerShell (Administrator) in the Windows menu

In the Cmd Command Shell:
The command line can be used to stop the spool manually.
Net Stop Spooler

Stop printing spooler over services
From the Task Manager (Taskliste right mouse button) -> Tab: select services
Or in Cortana: enter services
Then you can find the printer spooler under the print queue
C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ spoolsv.exe
This service spools print jobs and processes interactions with the printer. When you turn off this service, you can not print or view printers.


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