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If you want to watch movies or videos in the LAN network on a TV, then this happens with most TVs by selecting the files via a DLNA service in the source selection.
For this you need a DLNA server such as the Fritzbox or one starts the integrated DLNA server of a Windows computer.
The DLNA Server is hidden on Windows computers under the function: home network group.

To do this, you enter Cortana: Home Network or Homegroup

Then create a new home network group

In the home network group, you will be given the appropriate permissions for the libraries: pictures, videos, music, documents and printers.
Normally you share photos and videos as shared.

Afterwards, you can give individual devices or all devices access to the home network group
Allow all devices on this network as as TVs and game consoles to play my shared content

You can define the individual devices or release all accesses when you are at home.

In the Advanced Sharing Settings, you can remove the password for access when you leave the application at home for a short period of time.

Then you can access the shared media via TV, tablets, Android smartphones and computers.
It should be important, however, that under most Android clients only .mp4 files can play.
Camera file formats such as .mov at Olympus can often not be played.

MP4 Movie under the client, here an older Samsung TV device

Android tablets
Under Android Tablets, it is best to open your own files

The external DLNA servers on the network are listed when the menu item: Searches for devices, and then selects the DLNA server under preferred folders

Then you will find the Windows libraries: pictures, music, videos and playlists    

And then again finds the .mp4 files.

Mp4 video on an Android tablet from Samsung, where the DLNA server is a Windows 10 PC.

On Android phones I usually use the album of Sony

In the album select Menu-> Home Network and then select the DLNA server.

As with the other devices, you can then find the DLNA basic structure pictures, music, videos and can then pass to the appropriate videos.


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