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WD My Book: Backup Error Updateing Safepoint
I get an error message from Western Digital My Book Live when I create an automatic backup as backup.
The error message is:

There was an error updating your safepoint.
2 - There was an error updating your safepoint 20161117weekly on the INTENSO share on Speicher25.
Sun 20 Nov 2016 09:39:03 PM CET

It is to be backed up every week about 1.5 GB automatically. Unfortunately, the (first) backup takes very long. Up to 8 hours.
And then the fuse seems to lead to problems.
The error message, however, is rather superficial and does not provide any detailed information.
Subject: WD Western Digital My Book Live Duo

If you open the Safepoints under WD MY BOOK Live and the menu: Manage-> List goes, you can see the backup jobs, which were made.

Safepoint details
For a weekly backup of the entire NAS hard drive to a backup drive via the USB 3.0 port, the retry can be entered into the detail of the Safepoint.
Possible are daily, weekly and monthly in the block AutoUpdate.

Wie sieht die Sicherung unter WD Safepoints aus:
Western Digital secures the Safepoints directly as a data copy in the connected backup directory.
This creates true file copies and copies them to the backup directory.
The structure can be found as a directory path on the backup disk
Disk \_WDPROT\WDSAFE\Safepointname\shares\ Directories
As shown here, a real directory tree is copied completely.

Error messages:
The error message can be evaluated in the .info file of the Safepoints root directory.
The info file can be opened as a normal file in the Editior.
Here: opened in the editor.

As soon as you copy the file into Word, the error message is structured:
Error message as .Info

action = update
action_lock = 0
action_source_id =
action_state = FAILED
dataset_name = /Videos/_Video_Schnitt/2015-01-15 Biergarten/2015-01-15 Biergarten.MVP
dataset_size_processed = 174922465873
dataset_state = INPROGRESS
dataset_total_size = 1357219156437
dataset_ts_end = 1479713007
dataset_ts_start = 1479643779
dataset_type = share
description =
handle = 654400ad47636ff7c26847b6582df41b
n_files = 1111061
name = 20161117weekly
priority = normal
size_processed = 174.922.465.873
source_class = 3.5
source_device_name = Speicher25
source_id = WD-WUZEU2450516
source_ip_addr =
source_product = Apollo
state = INVALID
total_size = 1.357.219.156.437
ts_end = 1479713007
ts_start = 1479639993

The error affects the file, which has not been transferred or has only been transmitted incorrectly.
Now you can remove the file in the target and transfer it manually or restart the backup.
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