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How good is a new Surface Pro 4?
Is it reinstalling from a good old notebook to a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4?
I got a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and now check the change from developer notebook to mobile tablet.
The notebook is almost 10 years old, so you should assume that a new tablet from Microsoft is much faster and more comfortable.
In comparison, it is a Sony Vaio 17 inch notebook with i7 processor and a 256 SSD hard drive. The price was then around 1600 euro.
The new Surface Pro 4 Tablet includes as a package a 12.4 inch tablet with an i5 processor (Intel Core i5-6300U) and also a 256 GB SSD hard drive.
The Surface Pro 4 comes with a digital input stylus, touch control and a fully-featured graphics processor which allows configuration and screenmirroring.

Disadvantages of the Surface Pro 4 Tablet:
The Surface Pro 4 Tablet has no LAN connection and no slot for SD cards. In addition, only one USB port is available. A small mini display port is available as a graphical interface.
This means working with the tablet only makes sense if you use a docking station or a surface dock for working. A docking station costs about 230 euros additional.
The 12.4 inch touch screen is handy for mobile applications, but the display is much too small for everyday work. Work should be done with an external monitor at the workplace.
The keyboard and the mouse in the bundle are completely sufficient. Positive surprised me the mobile keyboard, which is good in handling.  The keys of the mobile keyboard are flat with a small stroke, which worked surprisingly well for working and writing with 10 fingers.
Advantages of the Surface Pro 4 Tablet:
The Surface Pro 4 Tablet does not require fans in normal operation. This makes it almost without noise. The fan is automatically switched on only in high-performance applications such as video rendering.
Then alone the touch operation similar to a smartphone is surprisingly positive.
Switching the Windows display mode to tablet mode is even more efficient. However, the normal desktop mode in the fixed workplace environment is then more appropriate.
The touch screen is very precise, so you can work with your fingers. But the use of the pencil is still much better.
Power / speed:
Despite the latest generation of an Intel Core i5 processor, the new tablet is just as fast or even a little bit slower than the old i7 processor.
This is partly due to the relatively high clock frequency of 2 GHz. In reverse, the fastest processors simply have a dual clock frequency for Intel i-core processors and AMD Ryzen processors.
The class of the Intel Xeon processors, which only 2.4 to 3.5 GHz use, but have more cores and consume significantly more power.
Performance data in comparison
(Extract from



L2 Cache+L3 Cache

TDP (Watt)



Perf. Rating

3DMark06 CPU

Cinebench R10 32Bit Single

Cinebench R10 32Bit Multi

Sony Vaio Bj. 2006


Intel Core i7-2670QM









Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 2017


Intel Core i5-6300U









Performance comparison of the processors under Notebookcheck
If you want to get the right performance from a PC, you should keep an eye on the new AMD Ryzen 7 1800x processors.

Comparative data old notebook
The performance data of the old Windows 10 notebook (upgraded from Windows 7)
Sony Vaio VPCF23A9E
Intel Core i7 2670QM CPU 2.20 GHz
Installed memory 8 GB
System Type: 64 Bit Processor
Hard Drive 256 GB SSD

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