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Datei 1: esp32_LCD01.ino

ESP32 LCD display.


This guide shows how to connect and display a two-line LCD display on an ESP32 DevKit nodeMCU.




Connect SCL and SDA signal lines

Connect the GPIO21 and GPIO22 lines to the LCD display

GPIO22 ->SCL Clock

GPIO21->SDA data line

Note: under ESP32 nodeMCU DevKit it is not described that here gPIO21 comes the SDA and also not the GPIO22 as SCL.

Anyway, if you connect it, it runs without any problems



Supply voltage LCD to ESP32 devkitchnodeMCU ansch

Connect the 5 volt supply voltage to the first PIN,

 dann GND Ground .

ATTENTION: for Az-Delivery ESP32-NodeMCU, the second PIN is labeled gnD. But it's not GND.

So connect the 6th pin with GND.



Important when connecting the LCD Dislay

For the LCD displays, the connection takes place via the plug-in board I2C

Here, it is important to ensure that the names on the bottom

Mit SCL SCA, VSS und GND beachtet.

Some instructions misrepresent the pin assignment.



Arduino Program

The program can be written and recorded with the Arduino software


The following Arduino ESP32 code represents the text Hello World on the LCD display alternating from line 1 and line 2.

The code comes from randomnerdtutorials



Hello World on LCD Display



#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>


// set the LCD number of columns and rows

int lcdColumns = 16;

int lcdRows = 2;


// set LCD address, number of columns and rows

// if you don't know your display address, run an I2C scanner sketch

LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x27lcdColumnslcdRows);  


void setup(){

  // initialize LCD


  // turn on LCD backlight                      




void loop(){

  // set cursor to first column, first row


  // print message

  lcd.print("Hello, World!");


  // clears the display to print new message


  // set cursor to first column, second row


  lcd.print("Hello, World!");





//Source Code from






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