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Datei 1: Checkliste01.docm

Word template for showing and hiding areas.


The following Word template does the following.

When you click on the checkbox ❎Does not hit the following table area, the rows are hidden.

When you click on the checkbox field ❎  Hits to, the hidden table area appears again.


In the background runs a vba macro (code is attached below) that hides an area with Selection.Collapse


Shown: Word Collapse


Show in Word

Displayed area


Hide / Hidden Rows of a Table


Option Explicit On


Private Sub Document_ContentControlOnEnter(ByVal contentControl As contentControl)

    '---------< Document_ContentControlOnEnter >--------

    If contentControl.Type = wdContentControlCheckBox Then

        '----< IsCheckbox >----

        '< init >

        Dim activeCheckbox As contentControl

        Set activeCheckbox = contentControl


        Dim sCellText

        sCellText = activeCheckbox.Range.Cells(1).Range.Text

        '</ init >




        '< Tabelle markieren >

        Dim activeTable As Table

        Set activeTable = activeCheckbox.Range.Tables(1)


        Dim tableContentRange As Range

        Set tableContentRange = activeTable.Rows(2).Range

        tableContentRange.End = activeTable.Range.End


        '</ Tabelle markieren >


        If sCellText Like "*nicht*" Then

            '< ausblenden >

            Selection.Expand Unit:=wdParagraph

            Selection.Range.Font.Hidden = True

            Selection.Collapse wdCollapseEnd

            '</ ausblenden >


            activeTable.Rows(1).Cells(4).Range.ContentControls(1).Checked = False

        ElseIf sCellText Like "*Trifft zu*" Then

            '< einblenden >

            Selection.Expand Unit:=wdParagraph

            Selection.Range.Font.Hidden = False

            Selection.Collapse wdCollapseEnd

            '</ einblenden >


            activeTable.Rows(1).Cells(3).Range.ContentControls(1).Checked = False

        End If

        '----< IsCheckbox >----

    End If

    '---------</ Document_ContentControlOnEnter >--------

End Sub





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