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Text input fields in Word with vba c #


This code example shows how to insert FormTextInput form fields in word.

The insertion takes place in the example at runtime, programmatically.



A new form field is created via Word.Range.FormFields.Add (..) added

FormField field = act_Image_Range.FormFields.Add(act_Image_Range, WdFieldType.wdFieldFormTextInput);


Example code in C #

Insert via Word.Range.FormFields.Add (new ..)

//< add textinput field >


FormField field = act_Image_Range.FormFields.Add(act_Image_Range, WdFieldType.wdFieldFormTextInput);


field.OwnStatus = true;

field.HelpText = "Bildtext";

field.TextInput.Default = "enter Image-Text";

//</ add textinput field >




Programming in vba, C #

Word ContentControl


Example application

Text input as FormFields type: wdFieldFormTextinput



C #, Visual Studio Vsto interop com

FormField, form fields, form input, ContentControls


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Text input fields in Word with vba c #
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