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Word: Add graph in Word
In Microsoft Word embedding mathematical charts is a small example of how to add a pie chart a little difficult and incomprehensible for laymen, so here.
To set the cursor below the table that you want to represent and is then
Menu > insert > chart

Then it picks the chart type in the bar left on district:

Step 3:
Now you have a basic diagram but with wrong example numbers. To do this, an Excel-based data table appears.
By clicking on the filter / funnel icon icon get on the table of data on which the chart is based.

Step 4:
Now select the text of the real Word table and copies it to the Clipboard

Step 5:
And then add this table to the Excel table, which belongs to the diagram.

Step 6:
Because the table how often must be rotated 90 degrees, you must now copy table data again and

Step 7:
And then with transposing then paste where the data table of the graph begins

Step 8:
Now the display area customize your way pulling the blue selection box

Step 9:
After that, the pie chart should look like already times well. Now, you can still see
Add that directly display headings and data values in the chart data label

And so, the graph should look now with added data values.

Step 10:
If you would like to customize the chart even better, then you can tick the chart and format (bottom row of context)
The data label as blinded formatting area and adapt the presentation here



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