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Word variables: can I change which Dokument.Eigenschaften directly in the document from Word?
In Word you can use some document properties as variables. You can represent these outward under the file Explorer.
Unfortunately, not all values directly in the text mode are changeable.
There are some variables that can be changed directly in the document, and some properties that can be changed only through the dialog box under the Word Dokument.Eigenschaften and some, who are of course always readonly.
Input directly in the document:
(1) General Dokument.Eigenschaften:
Author, company, category, comments and status
(2) your own Dokument.Eigenschaften: user-defined variables, which it itself has created
User-defined variables
Locked in the text view: Input the file dialog
Title and theme
Cannot be changed:
Real document properties such as number of pages, date
If you in the developer tool the view on developer mode switches, then you can see the properties directly in the document displayed


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