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How to simply sign a PDF document with a signature on the computer without printing.



For this you need the program Adobe Acrobat Reader and a signature as a photo.



Step 1: Install Acrobat Reader

Under Windows 10 you go to the page


Install Adobe Reader DC

then you can download the program for free

(Button in the middle)

And Install (Adobe Software)


Step 2: Open PDF locally

If you use a . PDF document, you first save it locally


Insert digital signature

Then click on the icon in the PDF document, then a toolbar appears at the top and here you can then insert text with [Ab] or inserta digital signature as an image at [✒Signature ]


Digiale signature as photo

If you use a digital signature, you can either draw a signature with a mouse, but it never looks good.

Or you can photograph a signature from a white sheet of paper.

The photo can then be imported.

Tip: if you use the signature as asignature. PNG  used, then the background has also disappeared in white


Signature written by mouse


Save locally

To send the PDF document you have to save the file locally


The file can then be sent by email.



B) Create signature as an image with file extension .png


With Word

If you want to create a digital signature that you can easily insert, then you can work great with Microsoft Word.

Simply write a signature on a white sheet of paper

Then photograph and paste it into Word


Remove white background:

Then select the photo, click menu >image format >color >transparent color > click on the white background

Save Word as a Web page.htm  with signature.htm


Use signature as digital PNG image

Then you will find in the folder where you saved the Word document as a signature.htm, a subfolder called *Files.

Here you can now find the signature as a .png file.

These can be inserted into any pdf document in the future




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