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Translate Word documents


There are 5 easy ways to translate Word documents in a different language



Bing translator & text = & from = & to = en

Microsoft represents an excellent translator for texts with the translator on

Unfortunately the text formats such as fat, will be lost italic, underlined and displayed pictures and images.

Nice built-in feature is that words making over with the mouse are displayed automatically below as a single list.


Google Translator

Google provides as always very practical applications on the Internet. Here, the Google translator is a good alternative.

You must open only the Web page, and paste the text into the left input block.



Unfortunately, while all text formatting and inserted pictures are lost






In Word translating text sections


If you marked blocks with the mouse in Word text sections or text and then press the right mouse button,.

Then you can in the context menu the menu item: select translate .

Then a research appears at the right edge of the section, in which to translate the text into the look for: field is inserted.

The result is shown in a block below, translated as a result of Microsoft translator. You can insert this result of the translation or copy.



Translate Microsoft Word: individual words

Unfortunately, works that translate not at individual words or just only very imprecise and unreliable.

Here an example: it marked the Word documents and chooses then translate, then no result.

Choose the entire set to translate however, then this will be translated correctly.


Translation of the entire Word document


In the field of translation: research you can on the green arrow: gesamtess document translate button to translate the entire Word document.



Thus, the document is completely translated in the Microsoft browser edge as file://.

The advantage is that the formatting are preserved and remain the pictures and images as a placeholder.

Then need to replace you only still the wildcard against the previous images. This can be done also with a macro.






As a video tutorial on YouTube

< iframe width = "854" height = "480" src = "" frameborder = "0" allowfullscreen > < / iframe >



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