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The following Code loads a photo, resizes it, and then copies it to the cache.

Background: in the code, you want to load a photo in Word using the Word addin. Before it is pasted into the Word document, the photo is resized at run time, and then saved to the Word clipboard for further processing.



       public static void load_Photo_compressed_to_Clipboard(string input_Image_Path, int setLength)


            //---------------< Image_resize() >---------------

            Bitmap source_Bitmap = new Bitmap(input_Image_Path);


            double dblWidth_origial = source_Bitmap.Width;

            double dblHeigth_origial = source_Bitmap.Height;


            //< check orientation >

            bool IsOrientation_Horizontal = (dblWidth_origial > dblHeigth_origial) ? true : false;

            //</ check orientation >


            int new_Height = 0;

            int new_Width = 0;

            double zoom_factor = 1;

            if (IsOrientation_Horizontal == true)


                new_Width = setLength;

                zoom_factor = new_Width / dblWidth_origial;

                new_Height = (int)(dblHeigth_origial * zoom_factor);




                new_Height = setLength;

                zoom_factor = new_Height / dblHeigth_origial;

                new_Width = (int)(dblWidth_origial * zoom_factor);



            Image outImage = new Bitmap(source_Bitmap, new_Width, new_Height);

            var t = new Thread((ThreadStart)(() =>








            //---------------</ Image_resize() >---------------




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