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Datei 1: Import_File_as_Text.txt
Datei 2: Word_PDF_einlesen.docm

Word: read text files with vba macro



This code sample uses Microsoft Word to read files into the Word document using a vba macro.

The import file is opened as TextStream and read in line by line.

This vba code has the advantage that you can filter or customize special text lines or areas during import.



Subject: Import also applies to Excel, Powerpoint, Access

File format should be text-based.


This test actually reads any files with different formats.


However, the shown reading results are only useful in text files, txt, csv and similar.




Option Explicit On


Sub Read_PDF_File()

    '------------------< Read_PDF_File() >------------------

    '<# Late-binding >

    'Dim fso

    'Set fso = CreateObject("scripting.FileSystemObject")

    '</# Late-binding >


    '< Reference Binding >

    Dim fs As FileSystemObject

    Set fs = New FileSystemObject

    '</ Reference Binding >


    Dim sFilename As String

    sFilename = "C:\_Daten\Desktop\Demo\Word\2018-10-08_PDF_einlesen\Import_File_as_Text.txt"



    Dim file_to_Read As TextStream

    Set file_to_Read = fs.OpenTextFile(sFilename, 1) '1:open as readonly


    Dim sText_Line As String

    Dim iLine As Integer

    iLine = 0


    '< output >

    Selection.TypeText "Filename=" & sFilename


    '</ output >


    '----< @Loop: Read Line-by-Line >----

    Do While file_to_Read.AtEndOfStream <> True

        '--< Read Line >--

        iLine = iLine + 1


        '< read >

        sText_Line = file_to_Read.ReadLine()

        '</ read >


        '< add in word >

        Selection.TypeText sText_Line




        'Selection.InsertAfter vbCrLf

        'Selection.InsertAfter sText_Line


        'If sText_Line Like "*ine*" Then

        '    MsgBox "Line"

        '    Selection.InsertAfter sText_Line

        'End If

        '</ add in word >


        '--</ Read Line >--


    '----</ @Loop: Read Line-by-Line >----



    '< End >


    Set file_to_Read = Nothing

    MsgBox "Done Lines=" & iLine

    '</ End >

    '------------------</ Read_PDF_File() >------------------

End Sub





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