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Datei 1: Word_Photo_Docu_with_Nr_and_Header.dotm

into table with input fields in the main area.


This Word template is used to automatically insert photos from a large photo collection into a spreadsheet in Word, cutting the photos to a maximum length and saving the photos as memory-optimized thumbnails.



If you have clicked the Select Photos button, then you can manually select the photos, which should be warden imported


The Word template is started from the file explorer by double-clicking, which automatically creates an additional Word file Document1.docx from the Vorlage.dotm


Under Alt-F11 you can change the settings such as maximum photo length and the startup directory for photo selection


Word template parameters

'----< Setup Parameters >----

Const const_Path_Photos_Default As String = "B:\2017"

Const const_int_maxLength_Photos As String = 8

Const Nr_Table_with_Fotos As Integer = 2

Const Show_Filenames As Boolean = True

Const Show_ImageNr As Boolean = True

Const Add_Empty_Textline As Boolean = True


'----</ Setup Parameters >----




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