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Word Addin: Insert photos after a picture mark into a table


This Word addin inserts after the Bookmark Imaging: a multi-column table or inserts photos into a predefined target table.


By clicking on the button in menu-> add-ins-> insert photos, an empty table is inserted behind the selected bookmark and an image selection dialog is created.

If you select the photos, the photos are inserted into the table and adjusted in the current cell width.


The settings are set under the Setup section.



Installation Guide:


Installation of Word Addin: insert photos

1) Download the addin from the website.

2) Then extract the .zip file to the desktop or drive (not in the download folder)


3) then start the setup.exe.

4) then you can find the tab area in Word-> Menu: Insert add-ins with photos


Further information under


Just like here:


Test demo: insert photos after a text position or in a target table












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