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Datei 1: Photo_Documentation_Column1_and_2.dotm



Word Template for Download

Multithreaded Word template for creating a photo documentaion for fire protection, real estate, appraiser, appraiser ...

In the first column is a sequence number un the photo name, in the second column is the photo.

All further columns are for free labeling and can be customized.



The template starts with opening

A new document is created by double-clicking or New



The first time you have to activate edit.

It is best to open the template on the target computer, activate it and just close it again. Then you do not have to confirm in the future.



Just click the button: insert photos to insert.

The photo preview is obtained by clicking on Extra large icons in the top right corner of the selection folder.

Then mark the photos you want to insert either individually or with the mouse + Ctrl key or with the mouse + Shift key

And below the button: Open select




The settings can be found in the template below

Change Alt + F11 and then in the project ThisDocument


Const const_Path_Photos_Default As String = "B: \ 2017"

Const const_int_maxLength_Photos As String = 5.5


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