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Project template for an ActiveX control


The following is a complete COM Interop project consisting of a Visual Studio 2017 project and a Microsoft Access database and MS Excel file,

which show the integration of the usercontrol as an ActiveX control.


You just need to add your own program code to the project and create a custom ActiveX COM Control for Office applications


In the code block

Like here


    [Guid(ClassId), ClassInterface(ClassInterfaceType.None)]


    public partial class ComControl : UserControl, IInteropUserControl



// Please enter any new code here, below the Interop code

        public void create_Barcode39(string String_to_Encode)








Paste into MS Access


Access> Forms> Entwurf-> ActiveX controls


Then the COM control appears

In the Insert ActiveX Control dialog box



Looks like here


In Microsoft Excel

Developer-> Insert-> ActiveX controls, and then the Other Controls icon 


If you find the ActiveX control under Other controls-> axBarcode39.Control


In the formula: = Embed ("axBarcode39.ComControl"; "")



The project was created using the Microsoft Interop Toolset

VB6 Interop UserControl and



You can find the C # template for the Interop UserControls

[Lnk "" /]

as download link






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