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Note: What is Interop and PIA in Microsoft Office
Log Record Note: Which files contain the interface code from VSTO Apps to Office applications
The problem:
VSTO applications show the error: HRESULT 0x80028018 InteropServices.COMException
Office applications such as Excel and Word are in a different language to the VSTO.
Visual Studio always accesses MS-Excel in English en-US. The references Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel and Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word are used.
* VSTO = Visual Studio Developer For Office
The directory PIA runs for
* PIA = Primary Interop Assembly (PIA)

Manual installation of the PIA
Can I install Interop PIA files manually?
Install the primary Interop assemblies (PIAs) for Microsoft Office when you install Office.
To install the PIAs when you install Office

Description: What is PIA, Office PIA
To use the functions of a Microsoft Office application in an Office project, you must use the primary Interop assembly (PIA) for that application.
The PIA allows managed code to interact with the COM-based object model of a Microsoft Office application.

List of all PIA Inteop files for MS Office

Office-Anwendung oder Office-Komponente

Name der primären Interop-Assembly

Microsoft Access 14.0-Objektbibliothek
Microsoft Access 15,0-Objektbibliothek


Objektbibliothek des Microsoft Office 14.0 Access-Datenbankmoduls
Objektbibliothek des Microsoft Office 15,0 Access-Datenbankmoduls


Microsoft Excel 14.0-Objektbibliothek
Microsoft Excel 15,0-Objektbibliothek



PIA Interop files
A) under Visual Studio
For Visual Studio applications such as VSTO, the PIA files are copied to a subdirectory of Visual Studio.
Path for 64bit: \ Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0 \ Visual Studio Tools for Office \ PIA \ Office15
Path to the PIA files in Windows 10, Office x86 (32 bit)
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0 \ Visual Studio Tools for Office \ x86
Interop files
To Excel: PIA (Interop.Excel) here in Office 32 bit x68
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Note: What is Interop and PIA in Microsoft Office
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