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Datei 1: Vorlage Kalorien-Zähler.xlsx
Setting Excel Data Bars


If you want to display values as data bars in Excel, you can create this function with menu >Conditional Formatting

The easiest way is to select directly in the drop-down selection: Data bar >Colored fill and then Red data bar as the default selection



Customize data bars

If you want to adjust the display, in the color or in the values,

then you can find the formatting under

Menu >Start >Conditional Formatting  ->Rules



Trick with values

To customize the display, select the current area and then Edit Formatting Rule.

In the selection dialog ->format all rows based on their values.

Format style on data bars


And now pay attention:

If you are sure that percent values are inside, i.e. values from 0 to 1, then you can set the type Minimum and Maximum in percent 0 and 100.


As a horizontal data bar

If the representation is not correct, as shown in part above,

then you should set the type  to  number for minimum and maximum and enter the values from 0 to 1.

The result can be seen in cell I11 with 54%





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