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Datei 1: Demo_Gruppierung_umdrehen_oben_unten.xlsx

Excel grouping from top to bottom
How to flip the grouping sign from bottom to top in Excel when opening
in standardmode excel displays the grouping character below the grouping

In theclosed state, the grouping character is below the hidden area.

Flip the grouping character in Excel vba
To flip the grouping character, see the menu (Ribbonbar)->Data->for the group: Grouping at the bottom right of the
Here you can find the settings of the Excel grouping
Main lines under Detail characters
In thedefault, the grouping character below the group is enabled.
If you deactivateit, then the grouping character above the group is

Flipping the grouping character when opening
To do this, you have to deactivate the checkbox

Grouping characters umgedreht
in the closed state, the + Plus symbol is the sign above the hidden grouped area

When you open it, the area is appended downwards

In the end, it may make more sense for many groupings to change the orientation as here in a month-hour write-off

Per vba Excel Macro Code

Sub Group_unten()
ActiveSheet.Outline.SummaryRow = xlBelow
End Sub

Sub Group_top()
ActiveSheet.Outline.SummaryRow =xlAbove
End Sub

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Excel grouping from top to bottom
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