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Datei 1: Serial_Emails_Excel_with_Word_version54.xlsm
Datei 2: Text_for_Excel.docx

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Send emails with Excel


This Excel file provides a list in which you can insert email addresses and then automatically send them to all participants using Microsoft Outlook.

The text for the email is taken from the enclosed Word file. Graphics and links can be inserted here.

The title subject and the text will be dynamically adjusted for each email.

Version 54

send with different email from account - works now

Version 53

Send-X Column removed

Attachements column corrected




The files are available for download on the website.

You have to put the Excel file and the Word file in a working directory.

In the Word file you can create any email text with photos and links and everything Word can do.

You can enter placeholders like here [@placeholder] to personalize the email.



Excel Email List

When you open the Excel file, you have a list of email addresses that you can enter.

You can select or enter a general appendix in C5.

In cell C2 you can enter the sender email if there are multiple emails in Outlook.

The blue column headers can be labeled as desired and then exchanged in the email text personalized.



Send emails

Just click on the Send Emails button

Then an email is created for each row in the table and sent the same when Send is set.

The [@placeholder] of each row are replaced by the values in the table.



The template is in a Word file in the same directory.

As in Outlook, images, photos are appended as attachments and formatted.

The Excel file contains a macro, so the file ending .xlsm is







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