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Datei 1: Demo_49_Excel_Serien_Emails_mit_X_Anhaengen_HTML.xlsm

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Send emails to a list
As an example, send an info to a class list
Only the emails that an X has in the Send column are sent
In addition, you can exchange the text in the email with placeholders as [@Name] is replaced by Popp
In the Appendix field, a general attachment can be attached as a file or a different attachment can be added to each line.

With Formatted Text  Color,  Bold  Normal,  Underscore, Font Size  and  Family

In the Excel sheet _Text you can enter your own email text as a template for the emails

In cell C6 you can set whether you want to send the email directly with Outlook or if you want to view each email beforehand

The email list is processed by clicking on the button: Send Email
Excel template for sending emails from a table, version 51
Excel template: Send emails in a list of send field, placeholders, and attachments
Series email with optional file attachment
E-mails automatically with Excel vSend based on a data list
Send serial emails with Excel #39
Send emails from Excel with Outlook


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